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 Bootcamps at Hove Lawns

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Tuesday 9.15am
Thursday 9.15am
Plus one Saturday a month

What people say...


Having the BFit Bootcamp on our doorstep is fantastic. The class is lead by a wonderful coach who has the incredible ability to make the tough workouts actually feel fun!


It’s exactly what I needed to get active coming out of our Covid hibernation!


I love bootcamp! Rachel is encouraging and builds a safe and fun environment to work out in. 
It’s not intimidating like other exercise classes I’ve tried and she totally caters to all fitness levels. 

The range of activities per session mean it’s never a drag and always interesting.
It pushes me physically and gives me the energy I haven’t felt in a long time! 


Rachel’s sessions at BFit are perfectly pitched - there’s a great balance between hard work and fun which makes me look forward to it every week.


I’m beginning to see the results already.